16" Alphabet Foil Balloons (Letter A to N)
16" Alphabet Foil Balloons (Letter A to N)

16" Alphabet Foil Balloons (Letter A to N)

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All alphabets available: A-Z. Choose the letters of your choice.
For letters O to Z, please visit this link:  https://elves-of-the-party.myshopify.com/products/16-alphabet-foil-balloons-letter-o-to-z?variant=34493680746655.

Perfect for special events: Birthdays, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, Wedding Reception, etc.

Material and Color: Foil (Rose Gold / Yellow Gold)

Size: Height: 40cm (approximately 16inch), Width: 20cm-40cm (depends on the Alphabet)

Balloon is sent in flat packaging, and not inflated.  To inflate the balloon, fill with air (the simplest way is to blow with your mouth or use a balloon pump). You can also use a straw to blow the balloon. Alphabet balloon can be decorated by sticking onto the wall using double-sided balloon glue dot / masking tape.

Important Notes:

  1. Do not over-inflate/over-pump the balloon(s). Inflate balloon(s) with appropriate amount of air to prevent it from bursting. To inflate the balloon, you can use a balloon pump or blow it with normal air.
  2. The balloon(s) is reusable. To deflate the balloon, insert a straw to the opening (red plastic strip) of the balloon deep enough to let the air out. Meanwhile, gently press the balloon to deflate it.

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